Welcome To Life Transforming Treasures!

As a family, we transform people’s lives around the world as we empower them to rediscover their life purpose. We guide them to reach their goals and live the life they desire. We are committed to sharing our experiences and wisdoms to inspire others to achieve their full potential. For us, the greatest gift is to be able to learn from the journey and to share that knowledge.

As you pursue your goals you will undoubtedly face roadblocks and what appear to be setbacks. Have you had things happen that changed your life entirely? Have you felt blindsided by the events of your life? Did someone close to you become very ill? Perhaps you lost your retirement, job or a loved one. Maybe you were born into an environment with physical, emotional or financial limitations. No matter what happened, your life changed as a result of the events. We know that challenges and obstacles can make us stronger. We believe that this can be an opportunity to create something miraculous.

Our desire is to empower you to live your life’s purpose. We teach you how to use the lessons we have learned in our lives to create your own imaginable miracles. When you implement these lessons in your pursuit of excellence, automatically you will sow seeds of excellence into your children’s lives, creating your legacy.

Family’s Cause: “Stephen Family Education Fund” – to assist students who cannot afford to further their education.

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